• Case Studies

    Alerts4 has worked with organisations across the globe delivering Trade Surveillance solutions and providing consultancy services

Rapid Deployment of FX Monitoring

A Tier 2 bank was under regulatory pressure to demonstrate control over participation in NDF fixing and trading in Singapore.

Alerts4 Financial Markets partnered with Software AG to deliver a solution to monitor FX and FX derivatives within a 4 month time frame.

The FX Surveillance solution was successfully implemented within 12 weeks to regulators satisfaction.  Plans are now underway to roll-out of trade surveillance globally over all asset classes and increase scope to cover Rogue Trading in addition to Trade Surveillance

Defining Regulatory Surveillance Requirements

A Tier 1 Inter-Dealer Broker planned to implement a Trade Surveillance solution. The organisation traded a large number of product types and had grown by acquisition so the exact trading strategies and possible abuse types were not fully understood. Also there were numerous IT systems used within the organisation so the sources of the data were not well understood

Alerts4 Financial Markets undertook a 6 week consultancy engagement to:

  • Build a catalogue of all products traded by the organisation
  • Identify the trading activities and possible abuse types applicable to each asset class
  • Identify the IT systems from where the relevant information could be sourced
  • Prioritise and scope the Trade Surveillance solution and deliver a framework RFP document for the client to select vendors

This was delivered on time, to budget and allowed the client to deliver a solution which met the regulatory requirements

Global Trade Surveillance roll-out for Tier 1 Bank

In 2010 a Tier 1 bank needed to carry out Trade Surveillance on its cash equity trading activities in EMEA. There were a large number of trading systems in use within the bank and the solution needed to be able to take information from these various systems. The bank also wanted a strategic Trade Surveillance solution that could be used globally across all asset classes.

Alerts4 Financial Markets partnered with Apama to deliver the initial Trade Surveillance solution within three months. At this point it covered the cash equity business for EMEA. After the initial project, Alerts4 and Apama worked with the bank on extending the coverage of the trade surveillance and transferring skills to the bank’s personnel. The bank has been running the system successfully for over 3 years and ¬†has an ongoing programme to extend surveillance into new product types and regions and to add new scenarios as new regulations are introduced and new types of abuse identified.