• Products

    Alerts4 can offer an integrated suite of products around Trade Surveillance and Monitoring, delivering from real-time alerts on particular trading activity to the in-depth analysis of Traders’ behaviour.

Real-Time Alerting

Increasingly regulators are expecting participants to be aware of suspicious activity in real-time, so they can take action immediately. We provide real-time alerting solutions for monitoring and surveillance which are scalable to meet the most demanding volume and latency requirements.

The real-time solutions are based on Software AG Apama’s Complex Event Processing (CEP) technologies. This real-time alerting solution can be deployed with our Business Intelligence tools or can be integrated with your existing reporting and BI environment.

Business Intelligence

We provide reporting and analytic solutions to allow longer-term patterns and trends to be identified and analysed. Our standard BI solution is based on Microsoft SQL Server but we are happy to integrate with alternative analytic environments if that is your preference.

Standard Solutions and Customisable Frameworks

Our solutions are based on the use of ‘accelerators’ – pre-developed core functionality that meets the most common business needs. These are open, customisable solutions that provide you with fast implementation and certainty, yet retain the agility and flexibility essential to be able to react and change rapidly in response to new business conditions.